Episode 106

How To Hack Your Focus & Pay More Attention To The Things That Matter with Neuroscientist Dr. Amishi Jha

Changing your ability to focus on the right things can change your entire life.

Today we’re getting into focus and attention, which I feel like we don’t talk enough about—being able to focus on the RIGHT things is critical to basically every component of our lives. My guest today is Dr. Amishi Jha, a neuroscientist and professor of psychology at the University of Miami. Dr. Jha’s work has been featured at NATO, the World Economic Forum, and The Pentagon, her Ted Talk, “How To Train Your Wandering Mind” has been viewed more than 5 million times, and her brilliant new book, Peak Mind: Find Your Focus, Own Your Attention, Invest 12 Minutes a Day, is available wherever books are sold. On this episode, we talk about:

  • why it’s so hard to focus
  • why you don’t need to detox from your phone to get your focus back (and what to do instead)
  • how to train your attention AWAY from things causing you distress or anxiety, like the news or phobias
  • exactly where to start if you want to improve your focus or attention span
  • the one specific daily practice that research shows improves your focus the most
  • the difference in results between doing activities mindfully and having a specific meditation practice
  • the number one thing everyone gets wrong about focus (and getting it right will make mastering your attention WAY easier)
  • a pragmatic technique to be a better listener
  • how to use science to KEEP other people’s attention better
  • easy tricks to be a better public speaker
  • how to hack timing to maximize attention span when you need it most
  • the best instant practice to replenish your focus and attention (and the practices that don’t work at all)
  • how to prep for a moment or event you want to be hyper focused for (like a big meeting or speech)
  • what a STOP practice is and why it’ll change your life

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