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How To Use Neuroscience To Eliminate Anxiety, Become More Optimistic, & Overcome Trauma with Dr. Wendy Suzuki

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Ask The Doctor: Stress Edition—Exactly How to Identify and Eliminate Stress In Your Life with Dr. Samantha Boardman

Today is all about STRESS. My guest today is Dr. Samantha Boardman, who did her undergrad at Harvard before getting her MD Cornell and going back for a masters in Applied Positive Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. She now has a thriving psychiatry practice in New York City and a brand new book called Everyday Vitality: Turning Stress into Strength, which is available wherever books are sold.

I wanted this to be the most comprehensive, helpful episode on stress ever. On this episode, we talk about:

  • What stress is, and how to know if that’s what you’re feeling
  • The 2 most science-backed ways to actually feel restored and relaxed in your off time
  • How to actually figure out what your values are—and adjust your life to live by them
  • Exactly what to do in real-life stressful situations, like working a job that you hate or having a chronic illness
  • Science backed ways to deal with stress RIGHT now, in less than 5 minutes
  • The best type of workout for stress
  • The daily practices we should all incorporate to keep stress levels low
  • How to stop doom scrolling and develop a less stressful relationship with the news
  • How to become comfortable with uncertainty
  • The 5-second antidote to jealousy
  • An easy mindset shift to feel way calmer about politics and eco-anxiety
  • How stress can impact weight gain, and how to mitigate that
  • How to deal with stress caused by family relationships and boundary issues
  • How to help family members who are stressed
  • How to make your gratitude practice 100x more effective
  • The one stress-relieving practice we should all be doing daily—but aren’t

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the episode, so tag me (@lizmoody) and Dr. Boardman (@positive_prescription) with anything you’re learning, feeling, or thinking! Enjoy!!

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