Episode 137

Healthy Eating Qs, Answered: Inflammation, Weight Loss, Hormone Health & More  with Functional RD Brigid Titgemeier

Plus Brigid’s story overcoming chronic seizures at 15-years-old by taking her health into her own hands.

I’m so excited to welcome Brigid Titgemeier to the podcast. Brigid is a registered dietitian who  is Board-certified in integrative and functional nutrition. She was a founding dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine, co-created a graduate level integrative and functional nutrition course at Case Western Reserve University, where she teaches as an adjunct instructor, and has personally helped thousands of people—herself included, as you’ll hear in the episode—transform their health with food. On this episode, we talk about:  

  • why you’re so tired all the time + an exact plan to get your energy back 
  • 3 things you should do on a daily basis for blood sugar balance
  • what functional medicine actually means and how to find a functional doctor 
  • the one step everyone should take before taking a food sensitivity test 
  • why low carb diets can actually be harmful for metabolic health 
  • the one food every single person should remove from their diet 
  • what mitochondria are + exactly how to support mitochondrial health 
  • the shocking, most effective way to change the microbiome composition (but don’t try it at home) 
  • the 3 best foods to eat for microbiome health
  • an exact food & lifestyle plan for fighting inflammation 
  • the #1 food group you should prioritize if you have a hormone imbalance 
  • the #1 thing you should do for low libido 
  • what to eat + the best workout for every phase in your cycle 
  • why you always wake up hungry at night + what to do about it
  • how much protein we REALLY need + protein powder recommendations 
  • how to lose weight in a healthy way
  • the science behind how calories work in your body + how much they actually matter
  • and so much more

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