Episode 85

How To Dress Cute—Pro Stylist Charly Goss Solves All Of Our Clothing Problems

Dressing for your body, the 5 pieces everyone should have in their closet, knowing what trends are worth investing in, and more.

We’re taking a bit of a left turn today with an episode I am personally VERY excited about, which is all about How To Look Cute. Basically, this year, I realized how little my clothes reflected or conveyed who I am as a person, and it became my personal mission to figure out this whole style thing, which is how I discovered today’s amazing guest, stylist extraordinaire Charly Goss.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • her personal story, including how having tongue cancer twice impacted her life
  • why fashion matters for so much more than just how you look
  • one piece that every person should have in their closet to make any outfit instantly more stylish
  • one thing people inadvertently do that makes them less stylish
  • how to find shoes that are fashion forward but comfortable enough to walk in
  • what clothing has the highest comfort to style ratio
  • her surprising thoughts on how to dress for certain body types (what short people should wear, what pear shaped people should wear, etc)
  • a genius tip to know what trends are going stick around and are worth investing in and which are more fleeting
  • which fashion rules we should follow and which we shouldn’t listen to
  • the one theory that will make anyone instantly stylish (both in your clothing and home decor!!)
  • her shocking take on what “basics” you should spend money on
  • her specific favorite stores for shoes, bags, trendy items, jeans, and more
  • the ACTUAL difference between pricey jeans and more affordable ones
  • the 5 items everyone should have in their closet

I’m actually so excited to hear your thoughts on this episode—I’ve been absolutely loving our Instagram conversations about style and trends—so please screenshot as you’re listening and share any thoughts, feelings, and reaction on Instagram—I’m @lizmoody and Charly is @charlygoss. If you love the episode, I’d also just SO appreciate you spreading the word, whether it’s on social or to a bestie in real life.

If you’d like to check out the transcript for this episode, head over to lizmoody.com/charly-goss-transcript.

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