Episode 94

Productivity Secrets—How To Conquer Procrastination, Build a Better Morning Routine, and Get More Done In Less Time

Science-backed productivity hacks to help you create the life of your dreams.

My guest today is the incredible Chris Bailey, the best-selling author of The Productivity Project and Hyperfocus, and the host of the Time & Attention podcast. On this episode, he shares:

  • a simple trick to decide what to be productive about and prioritize every day
  • how to balance prioritizing what you WANT to do every day and what you HAVE to do every day
  • how to build a better morning routine
  • how your self talk is hurting your productivity—and how to change it
  • the best time of day to wake up for optimal productivity
  • the number one habit you should incorporate to be more productive
  • the secret to getting MORE work done in way LESS time
  • the 7 causes of procrastination and how to overcome each of them
  • why a weekly review will change your life (and exactly how to do it)
  • his thoughts on time blocking and other popular productivity hacks
  • his top app picks for productivity
  • how to have restorative relaxation time and enjoy NOT being productive

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