Episode 111

Science Hacks To Make ANYONE More Charismatic At Work, At Parties, On Dates, and In Relationships with Vanessa Van Edwards

Behavioral science designed to bring out your unique sparkle.

My guest today is Vanessa Van Edwards, the best-selling author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding With People, translated into 16 languages, and the author of the brand new book, Cues: Master The Secret Language of Charismatic Communication. Her YouTube tutorials and Tedx Talk have been viewed by over 50 million people, and she teaches her science-backed people skills to audiences around the world including SxSW and MIT and at companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and more.

  • The benefits of being more charismatic
  • The difference between confidence and charisma
  • How much of charisma you’re born with and how much you can cultivate
  • If introverts can be as charismatic as extroverts
  • How much being physically attractive matters in being charismatic
  • If there’s a difference in what we perceive as charismatic in men and women
  • 2 science-backed tricks to nail your next job interview
  • How to dial up your charisma to network better
  • A cold email secret that will make you WAY more likely to receive a response
  • How to be the person everyone loves at a party
  • The best conversation starters, according to science
  • The cues you can look for that show if people like you
  • The most off-putting thing people commonly do in their day to day lives
  • How to make your long term partners or co-workers like you even more

We’d both love to hear anything that resonates, or anything that you try, so screenshot and tag us on Instagram – I’m @lizmoody and she’s @vvanedwards.

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