Episode 145

How To Overcome Fear of Death (+ Genius Tips For Navigating Grief) with Alua Arthur

Plus where fear of death comes from & how to talk to your loved ones about death.

I’m excited to welcome Alua Arthur to the podcast. Alua is a certified death doula who works with clients to develop end of life plans and provide non-medical support leading up to death. Her company Going With Grace staffs a team of death doulas that provide professional end of life support as well as courses, training, and retreats for future death doulas. Alua also sits on the Board of Directors of the End of Life Doula Council of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. On this episode, we talk about:

  • exactly what a death doula does
  • where fear of death comes from 
  • how to get over the fear of dying without finishing what you wanted to do
  • actionable ways to acknowledge + deal with grief in all its forms 
  • a genius practice for building resilience
  • exactly how to show up for someone in your life that’s grieving 
  • how to stop letting fear of death limit your life 
  • what a death meditation is + how it works 
  • what your intrusive thoughts about death may be trying to tell you 
  • realistic tips for navigating fears of oblivion and nothingness when you die 
  • the impact of religious or spiritual beliefs on facing death 
  • the one thing people who are the strongest at the face of death have in common
  • exactly how to talk to kids about death without scaring them 
  • tips for facing anxiety about leaving the people who need us most when we die 
  • what to do if you’re hesitant to get preventative medical care due to fears of finding out bad news
  • and so much more! 

We would LOVE to hear from you any thoughts, reactions, or takeaways you have as you’re listening, so definitely screenshot and tag me @lizmoody and Alua @going_with_grace on Instagram. 

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