Shut The Kale Up’s Jeannette Ogden on Relationships, Addiction, Eating Disorders, and What’s Behind The ‘Gram

Jeannette Ogden (@shutthekaleup) is beloved by hundreds of thousands of people on Instagram, where she shares her life as a mom, wife, and generally bad ass woman of wellness.

In this episode, we talk about how Jeannette became the inspirational person that she is now, starting from what she was like as a kid and in high school. We get into how her mother’s alcoholism shaped the way she looked at the world, why she dropped out of college, and how her views on money have influenced her decisions.

We also get into the love stuff—her and her husband, AJ, are the definition of #couplegoals, but in this episode, we get into some of the tougher stuff that goes on in relationships, and how they work through those moments successfully.  We talk about her eating disorder, AJ’s impact on her relationship with food, and how she views food and wellness now.

Finally, we get into what being an influencer is actually like—including the things you don’t see, behind the scenes.  Jeannette is truly a what-you-see is what-you-get person; she’s one of the loveliest, most radiant, most authentic humans I’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with, and I think, listening to this episode, you’ll feel that warmth.


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