Episode 24

Laura Lea On How She Overcame Insomnia and Anxiety & Discovered The Life She Was Meant To Live

Laura Lea On How She Overcame Insomnia and Anxiety & Discovered The Life She Was Meant To Live

I’m so excited to share this episode with you, featuring my amazing friend Laura Lea. Laura Lea is the woman behind Laura Lea Balanced, the blog and mega-successful cookbook, The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook. Laura Lea is a natural foods chef, and one of those women who just exudes self-assuredness—she feels like she really knows who she is, and what she wants, and isn’t afraid to go after it, even if it differs from society’s expectations.

We get into so much in this episode, from the crippling insomnia and anxiety that was taking over her life at one point, to her divorce, to balancing her hormones and getting her period back after years without it, to quitting her corporate job to go after her dreams.  You can find all of the products she mentioned in this episode at lizmoody.com/shop, and you can find Laura Lea on Instagram at @lauraleabalanced and on her blog, llbalanced.com.

Definitely tag us both (@lizmoody & @lauraleabalanced) with your feedback or thoughts on the episode, and any other questions you’d like us to answer!


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This episode is sponsored by Simple Mills, one of my favorite grain free food brands. I’ve been using Simple Mills products for years, starting with their amazing cake mixes. They’ve since expanded the line, which now includes the original cake mixes, pizza dough mix, brownie mix, bread mix, pancake & waffle mix, ready made crackers and cookies, and more. Everything has only a few simple, largely organic ingredients, and there are no weird gums or emulsifiers. You can use the code “healthiertogether20” for 20% off any order on simplemills.com, and if you need product recommendations, don’t hesitate to ask me for them on Instagram (@lizmoody).

This episode is also sponsored by Natural Cycles, the first hormone-free contraception app that’s FDA approved and CE marked in Europe. Natural Cycles has been shown to have effectiveness rate of 93% with typical use and 98% effective with perfect use—for reference, the efficacy of the pill is 91% with typical use. I’ve partnered with Natural Cycles to do a little mini-diary of my experience with it on the Healthier Together podcast. Every episode, I’ll give you an update of how it’s going and what I’m learning about my body and my cycle, as I explore the app in real time. Have questions you want answered? Hit me up @lizmoody on Instagram and I’ll share in future episodes. You can find out more info at NaturalCycles.com.

Healthier Together cover art by Zack.  Healthier Together music by Alex Ruimy.

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