Episode 37

Lauren Bosworth On Her Life After Reality TV, Overcoming Depression & Anxiety, and Starting A Bad-Ass Business

Lauren Bosworth On Her Life After Reality TV, Overcoming Depression & Anxiety, and Starting A Bad-Ass Business

On today’s episode, I sat down to chat  with Lauren Bosworth, the former star of Laguna Beach & The Hills and the current bad-ass woman behind Love Wellness. We recorded this right after self-isolation for COVID-19 had begun, so it had to be virtual not in real life like most of my episodes, so please excuse any audio quality issues (although I worked with my editor to make it as good as possible!). This is a scary time, but I wanted to have this episode mostly NOT be about COVID-19, although we do of course touch on it briefly. If you want more resources and support around that, please come hang out on Instagram—I’m offering a ton of guidance, community, and fun dance parties there. But I hope this episode is a bit of a respite. Lauren talks about:

  • How being on reality TV as a teenager impacted her personality
  • Her secret to making homemade food healthy & delicious
  • Her depression and anxiety journey and how she finally got the diagnosis that allowed her to heal
  • How she deals with life-inspired anxiety, like the COVID-19 virus
  • The cooking show cancellation that ended up being an unexpected positive
  • Her breakup and why she’s embracing being single
  • The practices she does daily for her mental & physical health
  • How she started her mega-successful business, and her advice for any other entrepreneurs

You can find Lauren on Instagram at @lobosworth, and we’d both love to hear your reactions to this episode, so please screenshot and write any thoughts or questions that come up as you’re listening and tag us both (I’m @lizmoody). All of the products form her amazing, woman-empowering company, Love Wellness, can be found at lovewellness.com.


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Healthier Together cover art by Zack. Healthier Together music by Alex Ruimy.

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