Episode 3

Nico Tortorella & Bethany Meyers on Open Relationships, Being Fluid Icons, And Living By Your Own Rules

Nico Tortorella & Bethany Meyers on Open Relationships, Being Fluid Icons, And Living By Your Own Rules

Nico Tortorella (@nicotortorella) stars as Josh on TV Land’s hit show, Younger, and is the author of the stunning recent book of poetry, all of it is you.  Bethany Meyers (@bethanycmeyers), is a fitness phenomenon and the founder of the be.come project, a body-positive boutique workout app launching in July.  They’ve been together for a decade, and celebrated their wedding several months ago (check out their stunning pictures here).  They’re also renowned for celebrating fluidity in every element of their lives, from their gender identity to their sexual preferences to the state of their relationship.

In this episode, we trace the course of their enviable relationship from the beginning.  We talk about the first time they explored having other partners, how they cope with jealousy, Nico’s alcoholism and consequent sobriety, why they got married after all these years, and how their relationship has changed under the spotlight of fame.  If you’ve ever considered an open relationship, or simply wanted to live a life a bit more free from the constant pressure of what’s expected, this is a must-listen episode: Nico and Bethany make their own rules like no two people I’ve ever met. It’s also worth staying till the end to hear a poem Nico wrote for Bethany, and their unborn child.

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