Episode 119

Ramit Sethi Answers YOUR Money Questions

Investing, saving, navigating inflation and a recession, and SO much more.

I’m thrilled to welcome Ramit Sethi to the podcast. Ramit is the author of the New York Times bestseller, I Will Teach You To Be Rich. He writes for over a million readers on his newsletter and social channels and hosts the hit I Will Teach You To Be Rich podcast. I thought it’d be really fun and different from other podcasts I’ve heard him on to have him answer YOUR specific money questions. We cover:

  • how to know whether you should rent or buy a home
  • if and when real estate makes sense as an investment
  • how to eliminate fear around investing and spending money
  • a trick to really figuring out what you value and should be spending money on
  • what to do if your salary doesn’t align with your financial dreams
  • how to survive inflation
  • how to navigate an upcoming recession, including exactly how to approach investing and saving
  • the best way to invest for short term goals (things one, three, or five years out)
  • the best ways to save money that no one is talking about
  • how to handle finances as a couple (whether it’s better to pool or keep separate, how to negotiate one partner making more, and more!)
  • whether robo advisors are worth it
  • why you need to fire your financial advisor ASAP
  • how to balance relationship obligations like bachelorettes and weddings with your personal financial goals
  • how to save to eventually have more freedom while enjoying your life in the moment

If you want the Conscious Spending Plan he talks about in this episode, head over to iwt.com/liz.

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