Episode 14

Serena Wolf, Ali Maffucci, and Liz Moody On How To Get Your Partner To Be Healthier And The BEST Diet For Health & Happiness

Serena Wolf, Ali Maffucci, and Liz Moody On How To Get Your Partner To Be Healthier and The BEST Diet For Health & Happiness

Welcome to a very special episode of the Healthier Together podcast—the Healthier Together book launch LIVE panel. As many of you lovely humans know, I just released my cookbook, also called Healthier Together (and it’s already a number one best seller, thanks to all of your amazing support!).

This episode was recorded live at the Healthier Together book launch event, and I think you might like it even more than a traditional episode because you get two amazing guests, and way more of my personal perspective on health, food, and life.

My guests are two of my dear friends in the food world: Serena Wolf and Ali Maffucci. You might remember Ali from Episode 8 of the podcast, where she shares her mom’s crazy kidnapping story and how it changed her outlook on life (if you haven’t listened yet, definitely do so!).  Ali’s a phenomenal businesswoman—she’s a best-selling author of three cookbooks, the woman behind the Inspiralized brand, and the Inspiralizer, and an amazing mom to her cute son, Luca, on top of all that. I love Ali’s warmth and wisdom, and she has such an amazing positive perspective on food and life that I’m excited to share with you all.

Serena is the woman behind the best-selling Dude Diet cookbook, and the amazing site, domesticate-me.com. We’ve bonded over our shared anxiety, but also because she’s truly one of the funniest people I know. Honestly, she kind of bugged me on the panel because she kept saying exactly what I was going to say before I said it—that’s how aligned our life perspectives are.

In this episode, we get into healthy eating, chatting about what’s actually the healthiest diet, the food advice that’s total BS, the one food I use to conquer my sweet tooth, and more. We also get into other wellness practices (CBD, how to motivate yourself to workout, adaptogens, and more).  Then we get into the “together” element of the book, talking about how to make friends as an adult, how to get your partner to eat healthy when they REALLY don’t want to, how to bond and connect with your partner in the kitchen and out of it, and more.

If you’re into healthy eating, healthy living, optimizing relationships, or just living your best life in a way that isn’t painful, annoying, or restrictive, you’re gonna love this episode!

PS: You can get your copy of Healthier Together right here or at lizmoody.com/cookbook.  Please keep sending me your creations on Instagram—they make me so happy!


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Healthier Together cover art by Zack.  Healthier Together music by Alex Ruimy.

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