Episode 113

The Future of Gut Health: Cancer Treatment, Circadian Rhythms, Mental Health Advancements, and So Much More with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

Harnessing the latest research to help you feel your best, stat.

Today is a mega episode all about the future of gut health, so we can all heal our guts utilizing all of the ground breaking research that’s emerging in the field. Dr. Will Bulsiewicz is an award winning gastroenterologist, internationally recognized gut health expert and the New York Times-bestselling author of Fiber Fueled and The Fiber Fueled Cookbook. On this episode we talk about:

  • the surprising reason humans kiss
  • how the gut brain axis actually works
  • the best protocols for helping mental health issues
  • how to know if your blue light blocking glasses are working
  • how to optimize the circadian rhythm of your gut microbiome
  • the one gut health change that studies show dramatically impacts Covid outcomes
  • the cutting edge gut protocols that we’re starting to use to treat cancer
  • the best type of workout for your microbiome
  • an exact protocol for before, during, and after taking antibiotics
  • why most people are treating SIBO wrong
  • the hidden causes of bloating and constipation that no one is talking about
  • the first step to instantly make a stomach ache feel better
  • the best time of day to take a probiotic
  • when it’s important to eat organic and when it matters less

Dr. B has generously agreed to give away 10 (!!) free copies of his amazing new book and 1 amazing grand prize of a free private virtual session with him.. To enter, just follow @theguthealthmd and @lizmoody on Instagram, and then comment on my most recent post one thing you loved or learned from this episode.

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Healthier Together cover art by Zack. Healthier Together music by Alex Ruimy.

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