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Thriving Through Anxiety—@Veggiekins & @FreckledFoodie Share Their Stories, Tools, and Wisdom

We’re kicking off a brand new series today which I am personally very excited about—it’s called Thriving Through Anxiety. I wanted to create a series about how the bad things in our life can actually turn into some of the most transformative, rich, beautiful parts.

In this episode, I’ve interviewed two of my favorite women on the internet about their anxiety stories. First up is Cameron Rogers, aka @freckledfoodie, sharing:

  • what “high-performing anxiety” is and how it impacted her life
  • how her pregnancy has impacted her anxiety (including why she’s taking anti-anxiety medicine during her pregnancy)
  • the clear instructions she gave her partner for dealing with her anxiety
  • a VERY frank & honest discussion about how her relationship with money has impacted her anxiety
  • what influencer life is like behind the scenes
  • the 3 things that have helped her anxiety the most (and the things she’s tried that haven’t worked at all)
  • how she views anxiety as one of her superpowers

Then, I chatted with Remy Park, the woman behind @veggiekins, about:

  • the various ways her anxiety has manifested, from her eating disorder to OCD to substance abuse
  • her genius tip for finding an effective therapist
  • her coping mechanisms for getting through her recent big breakup (including how she was brave enough to make the leap in the first place)
  • how she deals with the anxiety that comes from the hates crimes against AAPI community
  • the daily practices that help her anxiety the most
  • the Eastern medicine practices she learned living in China that help with her anxiety
  • how her veganism has impacted her anxiety

My hope from these episodes is that, first and foremost, you’ll come away feeling less alone. I also hope you get some actionable tips and tricks and tools that can help you on your own journey, but also, maybe that it can help in a larger way to reframe something like anxiety as a beautiful, integral part of your experience on this planet. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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Healthier Together cover art by Zack. Healthier Together music by Alex Ruimy.

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I’m gonna be honest with you: I’m allergic to boring conversation. I wanted to bring the types of conversations we have on the Healthier Together Podcast—ones that allow you to really build intimacy, to explore all facets of each other’s personality and go deep, quick— to the greater Healthier Together community.

With 6 categories and over 150 unique cards (including my signature interactive questions), you’ll be able to return to the deck for hundreds of hours of conversations for years to come. Makes a great gift or activity for holidays, weddings and more!

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