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How To Use Neuroscience To Eliminate Anxiety, Become More Optimistic, & Overcome Trauma with Dr. Wendy Suzuki

Today’s episode is all about anxiety, but from a very different angle than it’s typically talked about. Dr. Wendy Suzuki is a Professor of Neural Science and Psychology in the Center for Neural Science at New York University and a celebrated international authority on neuroplasticity. She serves as a sought-after expert for publications including The Wall Street Journal, Shape, and Health, and her TED talk has more than 31 million views. Her most recent book, Good Anxiety, can be found wherever books are sold.

On this episode, we talk about:

  • Exactly what’s happening physiologically and neurologically when we experience anxiety
  • How stress and anxiety can actually kill brain cells (and how to fix it)
  • How much of eliminating anxiety is changing our brain (our thought processes, etc) versus our body (gut health, etc)
  • The 2 most studied ways to reduce feelings of anxiety
  • Why it’s so hard to stick to a meditation practice or exercise routine (and how to transcend that)
  • The 5-minute practice that research shows significantly decreases anxiety
  • The best type of workout & time of day to workout for reducing anxiety, according to neuroscience
  • How childhood trauma impacts your brain now
  • How to hack your brain to stop feeling jealous
  • How to deal with existential anxiety about what life is all about
  • How to actually be kinder to yourself on a daily basis
  • How to use neuroscience to become more optimistic
  • The things you’re doing to help your anxiety that are actually making it way worse

I would love to hear what you learned listening to this episode, so definitely screenshot and tag me @lizmoody on Instagram, and you can find more resources and information about Dr Suzuki’s book on

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I’m gonna be honest with you: I’m allergic to boring conversation. I wanted to bring the types of conversations we have on the Healthier Together Podcast—ones that allow you to really build intimacy, to explore all facets of each other’s personality and go deep, quick— to the greater Healthier Together community.

With 6 categories and over 150 unique cards (including my signature interactive questions), you’ll be able to return to the deck for hundreds of hours of conversations for years to come. Makes a great gift or activity for holidays, weddings and more!

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