The Healthier Together podcast annual gift guide is here. For full details on everything listed here (and way more experiential and homemade gift ideas), head over to the podcast ep (you can also hear Zack weigh in on the gifts and can hear us have a 60 second fight lol).

Juniper Ridge Soaps, Candles & Teas

juniper ridge soaps, candles and teas

They’re made with all-natural, organic ingredients and scented with essential oil and they truly bring nature into your home. I love the Christmas Fir soap, for a special holiday touch but they’re all truly amazing. Starting from around $12.

Yay For Earth Sensitive Skin Face Lotion

yay for earth sensitive skin face lotion

Founded by a woman who was zero waste, struggling with skin issues, and wanted to create a formula that was good for the earth and her face. Super cute packaging and it’s amazingly effective — check out the before and afters on their website. Starting at $18.

Bria Paints

bria paints prints and canvas art

Framed prints and canvas art from Bria Nicole. She paints black and brown women, plants, and nature scenes in the most beautiful color palettes. They’re guaranteed to make your home look like one of those cool girl homes, and most are under $100. Starting at $20.

Diaspora Co. Spices

diaspora and co spices

All of the chefs I know are obsessed with these—they taste lightyears better than the spices you can find at the grocery store. They partner with small, multi-generational family farms, paying them an average 6x premium for their organically farmed, single-origin spices. Every season, they collaborate with 2-3 BIPOC-led businesses, to make special editions—right now, they have a Black Pepper Chocolate Bar that’s SO GOOD, a turmeric latte that’s complex and incredibly delicious, and a caramel chai syrup made from dates that you’ll be obsessed with. Starting at $10.

Pink Salt Ceramics

pinksalt ceramics rainbow mug

The cutest rainbow, cactus and boob ceramics, but you have to keep an eye on her Instagram and site, because they always sell out whenever she does a drop. Starting at $38.

Luv Scrub

luv scrub body exfoliator

This is a mesh exfoliating sheet that you use with soap in the shower and it’s AMAZING. It won the Allure Best of Beauty award this year. According to the founder, Caroline Owusu-Ansah, it’s been used in West Africa for years—her Ghanian mother gave her one when she was 5. It’s made incredibly well and it’s SO good for back breakouts, cuz it lets you easily reach those hard to get to spots. It also comes in super cute packaging and fun colors. $18.

Kate Van Hon Tarot Readings

kate van horn tarrot reading

I’m not a woo-woo person and I truly think Kate’s readings have changed my life. I love the Fire ones particularly, where she uses her intuition to dive deep into your business and life path. She’s like a therapist, a business coach, and a tarot reader in one, and if you’re gifting to someone you want to support THRIVING next year, this is a must-have. Book a session here or get a gift card here, starting at $55.

Writing classes with The Shipman Agency

shipman writing classes

They have all types of writing classes with amazing world-class writers (like, National Book Award winners). If you know someone who wants to use this time in quarantine to write their novel (or memoir or book of essays or poetry), this will be invaluable to them. Starting at $100.

Serena Wolf Cooking Classes

serena wolf cooking classes

Serena has been my friend for years and her cookbooks are AMAZING. She’s so smart, so charismatic, so funny, and her cooking classes are a ton of fun. You can gift a monthly subscription or you can gift individual classes. The monthly subscription is $29.99, and individual classes are a bit less than that.

10% Happier App Subscription

10% happier subscription

One of my favorite meditation apps, perfect for someone you want to gift with a bit of calm. $99 a year.

Hayley Elsaesser Graphic Sweatshirts

Hayley Elsaesser Graphic Sweatshirts

The coolest graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts—my favorites are the 70s style “anxiety” and “serotonin” hoodies. They’re brightly colored, cheeky, and oh-so-cute. Around $49.

Parks Project Gear

These T-shirts and sweatshirts give back to the national parks, and they’re SO cutely designed. They partner with places like the National Park Foundation and the parks themselves, and each purchase specifically tells you where your money goes and what good it does—if it sent a kid to visit a park, or cleaned up a trail, or something else. Starting at $12.

Parker Clay Desta Belt Bag

The cutest belt bag to hold all of your essentials when you go out. Each purchase also provides employment to women in Ethiopia. $141 (on sale from $188).


monikers game

The best game for 4 or more people, this is like a mix of charades and taboo. You’ll laugh so hard! (You can also Google Salad Bowl if you want to play for free, but it’s nice to not have to think of the things to guess!). $24.99.


boggle game

A classic game that’s great for two or more players. One of mine and Zack’s go-to’s. $9.88.

The Mind

the mind game

The game that makes you love or hate the people you’re playing with. The best part is that you’re all playing together to beat the game. The worst part is—well, you’ll see. $12.94.

Rachael’s Good Eats Good Sweat At Home

Rachael’s Good Eats Good Sweat At Home

I love all of the free workouts that Rachael shares on her Instagram, and this program makes it easy to get fit and feel amazing at home. You barely need any equipment (2 weights!) and the workouts are shockingly fun (and really sweaty). $59.99.

Megan Roup The Sculpt Society Subscription


Megan Roup trains basically every celebrity on the planet, and she just has the loveliest vibe. Her workouts are a super fun mix of dance and pilates, and most are 30 minutes or less. $99 a year.

Simple Modern Sippy Cup


Okay, so this isn’t really called a sippy cup but that’s what I call it. They come in the cutest patterns and colors and they will change your hydration game. $22.99.

Vitamix Food Processor

vitamix food processor

I’ve truly never found a food processor that I liked until I came across this baby. It made nut butter in under 3 minutes. Truly. I’ve never seen anything like it. You do need a Vitamix base for it to work, but if you have one, it’s a great space saver. Great for the cook in your life who wants to take things to the next level. $199.

Material Knife Set

material knife set

The only three knives you need—I gifted these to my mother-in-law, and I have a set myself. They come in gorgeous colors but more importantly, they’re super high quality. $120.

San Francisco Style Sourdough Starter

sourdough starter

Like most of the country, Zack got into sourdough during quarantine, and his new hobby has provided him with endless hours of entertainment (and provided me with endless hours of eating). This is a great starter that’s easy to keep alive. $10.99.

Revlon One Step Hair Dryer

revlon hair dryer

While the Dyson Air Wrap is a great option if you can afford it (everyone I know who has it loves it!), I, frankly, couldn’t really afford it. This is a great dupe that I use every time I wash my hair. $41.99.

Kindred Black Tranquility Oil

kindred black oil

These eco-friendly, organically-sourced oils are in the prettiest glass bottles. I’d love all of them, but I think the tranquility oil would be especially nice this year. $125.

National Parks Annual Pass

national park pass

The best pandemic present—the gift of the outdoors. This gives access to every single national park in the country. $80.

KAYLA RAE Resin Designs

The most gorgeous cheeseboard platters I’ve ever seen, I think it’d be fun to do a whole cheeseboard kit gift, like I talked about in the podcast episode! Kayla Rae has a holiday collection launching December 5, so watch her social media for that drop—and if you’re shopping on Black Friday or Small Business Saturday, you can use the code KAYLARAEHOLIDAY for 15% off.

Hario Pour Over Coffee Maker Set

coffee pour over set

Perfect for making a coffee ritual in your loved one’s life (and the best healthy way to make coffee, for sure!). Gift it with an Organic Peet’s French Roast for an extra special touch. $49.50.

Hario Cold Brew Tea

hario cold brew tea bottle

My favorite way to make water taste good. Include some of your favorite teas with it (I love the ones from Woash Wellness, Juniper Ridge, and Vana Tisanes). $24.50.

Jenny Bird Jewelry

jenny bird necklace

Jenny Bird makes my absolute favorite jewelry—it’s super high quality but isn’t incredibly expensive. I love their chunky necklaces to instantly elevate an outfit (even sweatshirts!), and their more delicate pieces are beautiful as well! Starting at $50.

Goldbelly Emmy Pizza

gold belly pizza

The best way to order food memories (we talk way more about ideas for this in the episode). The Emmy Squared Detroit Style pizza pack is ALMOST as good as going to our favorite NYC pizza spot. $89.

Retrospec Weekender Paddleboard

retrospec paddleboard

We’re all getting outside more these days, and Retrospec has the chicest, most affordable outdoor gear (I’m dying for one of their bikes!). We bought their inflatable paddleboard this year, and it’s super high quality and looks so cute on the water. PS: they often say they’re sold out but that’s just because they don’t keep a lot of inventory to keep prices low. Add your name to the waiting list—they restock every few weeks, so it won’t be a long wait! $299.99.

Upstate Galaxy Silk Pillowcase

Upstate Galaxy Silk Pillowcase

The prettiest silk pillowcase, which will help your skin and hair look gorgeous when you wake up (and make you feel like a princess when you’re laying on it). A small, woman-owned company based in upstate New York. Two for $162.

Mason Grey LA Kimono

Mason Grey LA Kimono

I live in this kimono, which has upgraded my morning loungewear game. The material is buttery soft, and you just feel super chic. Check out their nightgowns too, which double as dresses (really!!). $130.

Calm Kit

A cute little kit to provide a dose of calm into people’s lives, with my favorite Kyoto Botanicals CBD (use code HEALTHIER TOGETHER for 25% off), some Garden of Life lavender essential oil, Epsom salts, and a cute weighted eye mask.


The Flavor Equation 


Simply Laura Lea 

Healthier Together

I love the idea of giving a cookbook with a “date night in” package—you could include a good bottle of natural wine, and all of the ingredients for a recipe for cook together.


The Undocumented Americans

Atomic Habits


Buy Yourself the Effing Lilies

Think Like A Monk


The Vanishing Half

The Book Of Longings

The Space Between Worlds


My favorite fiction and non-fiction picks of the year! Go to #LMBookReviews for more regular book updates!


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