Episode 32

Clare Bowen Opens Up About Childhood Cancer, Cultivating Gratitude, Self-Worth, & Life After Starring On Nashville

Clare Bowen Opens Up About Childhood Cancer, Cultivating Gratitude & Self-Worth, And Life After Starring On Nashville

Clare Bowen is an actress and singer—you might remember her as Scarlett from the hit TV show Nashville, or you may have seen her at one of her many sold-out performances around the world. She’s released a ton of music through her work with Nashville, and this summer, she dropped her own album, called Clare Bowen, that’s absolutely gorgeous singing and storytelling. In this episode, Clare opens up about:

  • Her childhood cancer, and being told she had 2 weeks to live
  • Dealing with her brother’s later cancer diagnosis
  • How she’s cultivated gratitude in the worst possible circumstances
  • The practices that helped her overcome PTSD
  • What filming Nashville was actually like and who she’s still friends with from the show today
  • Her journey from being vegetarian to eating meat, and why she made the change
  • Her daily smoothie recipe
  • How she learned to love herself after years of low self-worth

You can find Clare at clarebowenofficial.com, and her album, Clare Bowen, is available wherever albums are sold and is streaming on Spotify. You can also follow her on Instagram @clarembee, and we’d both of course love to hear your thoughts and reactions to this episode, so please tag her and me—I’m @lizmoody— so we can continue the conversation over there.


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Healthier Together cover art by Zack. Healthier Together music by Alex Ruimy.

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