Episode 102

How to Be More Attractive, Win At Apps, Flirt Better, And More: Relationship Scientist Logan Ury Answers YOUR Qs

All of the dating advice you need to find the love of your life.

My guest today is the amazing Logan Ury.  Logan is a Harvard-educated behavioral scientist turned dating coach, and the Director of Relationship Science at the dating app Hinge, where she leads a research team dedicated to helping people find love. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, GQ, Glamour, and on HBO and the BBC. She was a featured speaker at SXSW 2021, and her book, How Not To Die Alone, is absolutely phenomenal, a really science-backed, totally unique approach to dating, and is available wherever books are sold. 

  • science-backed tips for being attractive and desirable on a date
  • how to be a great conversationalist (including the exact questions to ask)
  • how to let go of expectations for the first date and enjoy yourself
  • the one HUGE thing everyone does wrong on dates
  • how to feel super confident (and not self-conscious) on dates
  • how to design a perfect first date, according to behavioral science (including how long it should be, who should initiate, what you should do, and more)
  • if playing games works, according to science (the answer will surprise you!)
  • 3 tips for creating a perfect dating app profile
  • what to do if you’re swiping and swiping and not finding anyone you like
  • exactly what to do if you never feel a spark or connection on dates
  • how to flirt better
  • how to get over exhaustion and dating despair
  • the one thing that sets successful daters apart from unsuccessful daters
  • green flags and red flags to look for on early dates
  • exactly how long to chat on app before meeting in person, according to research
  • why she tells people to have a 2 date minimum
  • how to increase your efficiency on apps so you can spend less time on them
  • how to meet people in real life, if you don’t want to do apps

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