100 Ways To Change Your Life

The Science of Leveling Up Health, Happiness, Relationships & Success

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The next episode of our advice series, where every month, I’ll be joined by a new special guest. This month I’m so excited to welcome Robin Arzón to the podcast to answer your questions.

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EXACTLY How To Start A Brand, Hair Care Secrets, and Life-Changing Health Habits with Marianna Hewitt

My guest is Marianna Hewitt, and you can probably tell from the interview, but I’m SUCH a fan of hers. She’s the founder of Summer Fridays, an amazing skincare brand and a mega influencer with over a million followers on Instagram. She also has her own podcast called Life with Marianna, which is one of my faves.

  • how her childhood split between Europe and the US shaped her personality
  • the best beauty and wellness secrets she learned from her time in Europe
  • what she’s learned from having parents that are older
  • her favorite parts of getting older
  • the self-care activities that have tipped the needle for her the most
  • her exact morning and evening routine to feel great, get amazing sleep, and have productive days
  • how to make friends as an adult
  • how she deals with societal pressure to get married and have kids
  • exactly how she started summer fridays, including figuring out the formulation, fulfillment, getting into sephora, and more
  • her best advice for starting a brand
  • how to know when an idea is worth turning into a business
  • how she deals with jealousy
  • her anxiety struggles and what has helped the most
  • her best time saving hacks
  • her top 2 tips for overcoming procrastination
  • her best hair care tips including a genius secret for hair growth
  • the lifestyle things that have made the biggest difference in her skin
  • her favorite in-office treatments for glowing skin
  • her top tips for dressing cute without sacrificing comfort
  • her best advice for influencers

Marianna and I would LOVE to hear from you any thoughts or takeaways you have as you’re listening, or any tips you’re gonna try, so definitely screenshot and tag me @lizmoody and @marianna_hewitt.

I would also SO appreciate it if you shared this episode or any favorite episodes with someone you love in your life!

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100 Ways To Change Your Life

The Science of Leveling Up Health, Happiness, Relationships & Success

100 Ways To Change Your Life takes the learnings gathered over thousands of hours of expert interviews and distills them into 100 distinct habits, shifts, and tools to revolutionize every part of your life.

With fun, easy steps and a deep grounding in the latest science, you’ll be armed with everything you need to achieve your dream life, from your gut health to your finances to your friendships and beyond.

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