While I still find myself in yoga studios occasionally, doing yoga at home has become a far more regular part of my weekly routine.  I love that you can take classes at your convenience, and pick them based on your specific needs (from tight shoulders to just wanting to really sweat!) and that the sessions, which range from 5 minutes to two hours, are far easier to fit into my schedule than the typical hour and a half (plus travel time!) of a traditional class.  Not to mention the price – at $15 a month, most streaming sites cost as much for 30 days as one class, and many classes are completely free on YouTube!  Like studio instructors, online yogis can be really hit or miss.  The following are my top 5 favorite online yogis:

Kathryn Budig

It’s no surprise to regular Sprouted Routes readers that I love Kathryn Budig (you can read my interview with her here).  She has one of the warmest, most affable personalities of any yogis I’ve encountered, and her classes always feel like coming to the mat with a cool, funny friend.  She focuses on Vinyasa Flow, and her creative sequences always keep things fresh.  While she has a few things on YouTube, you can find loads of her classes on YogaGlo, or purchase her AimTrue DVD.

Tiffany Cruikshank

Tiffany is all about alignment and anatomy.  She’s founded a school of yoga called Yoga Medicine, which is all about a focus on the body and the melding of eastern and western medicine.  Alignment is so important in a home practice, as you have no instructor watching to come and correct you so you don’t hurt yourself, and Tiffany gives such detailed cues that you can move with absolute confidence.  Her yoga tends to be very strong and sweaty, and is often my go-to on a day I really want to move.  You can find her classes on YogaGlo.  

Rachel Brathen

More famously known as @yoga_girl, Rachel Brathen has become arguably the world’s biggest Insta-celebrity.  Her fame, however, is based less on the impressive poses and pretty backdrops that you would expect (although she does have those), and more on her ability to open up, to acknowledge the ups and the downs of life, and to truly connect with people.  I’ve been lucky enough to meet Rachel in person, and she truly has that glow that makes you feel strong and capable and in touch with something greater than yourself – and a big part of that comes through in her classes.  She teaches strong, well-rounded classes – you can find them all on the wellness streaming service she just launched OneOEight.tv.

Yoga By Candace

Candace teaches really well-rounded, athletic yoga classes – and they’re all 100% free on YouTube.  Her channel has some of the best super quick full body tune ups that I’ve seen, like her 15 minute hip opener, or her 10 minute power yoga session.  Her vibe is warm, modern and older-sisterly, and her website features sections like Ask a Yogi and Common Mistakes in Yoga Poses, which is especially useful when starting a home practice.

Kino Macgregor

Kino, the founder of KinoYoga, is my go-to online source for pose-specific demonstrations.  On her YouTube channel, she walks you through everything from handstands to backbends to side crow and meditation.  I love how easy to follow she is, and how she breaks things down in a way that’s truly easy to follow at home.  Her vibe is like a casual cheerleader – you can do it, but absolutely no pressure.  All of her content is 100% free on YouTube.

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  1. lisa Avatar

    Have you HEARD of Esther Ekhart? She started on youtube and also has her own collaborative website now. Good practices, Great clean vibe. Three other alltime favs:

    Sandra Carson
    Francesca Giusti
    Anat Geiger
    Some of the most terrific online yogis, hands down! hands up! 🙂


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