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What We Get Wrong About Grief: Healing From Loss Of Loved Ones, Pets, Friendship Breakups, & The State of the World

Gina Moffa, LCSW, discusses different types of grief, how they physically and emotionally affect us, and exactly what you can do to start healing from them today.

  • Specific tools for navigating different types of losses, like losing loved ones, friendship breakups, the state of the world, and more
  • Whether or not we NEED closure to move on from loss
  • What to do if you live in fear of future loss (even when everything is technically great at the moment!)
  • How to access and process your emotions if you feel numb
  • The profound physical impacts of grief and how to heal your body in addition to your heart and mind
  • How to support people you love while they are managing grief, including the best and worst things to say
  • Why pet loss is especially difficult & exactly how to cope with the loss of a pet
  • And so much more

For more from Gina, you can find her on Instagram at @ginamoffalcsw or Her book, Moving On Doesn’t Mean Letting Go: A Modern Guide to Navigating Loss is available where books are sold.

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