This Celeb-Beloved Therapy Offers A Radical New Way To Heal With Dr. Richard Schwartz

The creator of Internal Family Systems therapy shares exactly how to identify and address your inner parts (plus a real life demo with me!). 

  • exactly what IFS is & how it works, including a real time IFS demo with me & Dr. Schwartz
  • how to change your relationship with parts of yourself you hate, starting today
  • how to feel more empathy for people who annoy you
  • practical ways to amp up your self-compassion (and why it’s so important to do so)
  • a unique approach to healing anxiety, childhood trauma, and more
  • how to overcome struggles when you don’t know where they come from
  • how IFS can help with things like addiction, disordered eating, and other self-harming acts
  • a genius trick for silencing your inner critic 
  • how to use IFS techniques to level up your romantic relationships
  • and so much more! 

For more from Dr. Schwartz, head to the IFS website, find him on social media at @internalfamilysystems, and find all of his books at

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The Liz Moody Podcast cover art by Zack. The Liz Moody Podcast music by Alex Ruimy.

Formerly the Healthier Together Podcast.

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