Episode 108

How To Network Like A Pro, Fly First Class For Free, and Invest Like A Mega Millionaire with Chris Hutchins

Plus, NFT and cryptocurrency tips for beginners, genius relationship advice, and more.

My guest today is Chris Hutchins, the host of the All the Hacks podcast. He’s also the Head of New Product Strategy at Wealthfront, an online platform to help you build wealth through investing. He and his work has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNBC and more. Previously, he was an investor at Google Ventures, and the founder and CEO of Grove, which was acquired by Wealthfront, and a co-founder of Milk, which was acquired by Google.

  • the best life hacks he’s learned from interviewing the world’s leading experts
  • the surprising way he started and sold his companies to Google and Wealthfront
  • super actionable, pragmatic networking tips that will change your life
  • his best advice for anyone who wants to start a company
  • the best books for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • a simple way to think about investing money
  • a must-download app for budgeting
  • how to know if you need a financial advisor, and the one rule for choosing a good one
  • the best way to get rich right now
  • what rich people know about investing that normal people don’t
  • whether NFTs or cryptocurrency are worth investing in
  • travel points hacking tips for beginners

I was also on Chris’s podcast, so search for All the Hacks wherever you listen to podcasts to hear all of my best healthy cooking and living hacks.

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