Episode 25

Danielle Walker on The Foods That Helped Her Heal, Secrets To A Long, Successful Marriage & How She Built Her Mega-Popular Brand

Danielle Walker on The Foods That Helped Her Heal, Secrets To A Long, Successful Marriage & How She Built Her Mega-Popular Brand

I have an amazing guest for you today—Danielle Walker. Danielle is the New York Times best-selling author of four amazing cookbooks, the Against All Grain series (my favorite is Eat What You Love, but they’re all delish!). She started eating paleo after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in her twenties, an autoimmune disease that would leave her bed ridden for months. We talk a lot about her diagnosis on this episode, including how she came to decide that the paleo diet was the best one for her, if she’s ever tried other diets, if she thinks everyone should eat paleo, and a ton of other food stuff. We also talk about the emotional impact of having a chronic illness—how it impacts her life as a mom, as a spouse, and more.

Danielle has also built an incredible, thriving business, so talk about building a brand, including how much you should spend at the beginning — and if you can still achieve Danielle’s level of success today or if the market is too saturated.

If you’ve ever struggled with any type of chronic disease, whether it’s physical or mental, I think you’ll really enjoy this episode, and if you’re at all interested in building your own wellness brand, it’s a must listen. I also love our conversations about parenting—I’m so impressed with Danielle’s approach to being a mom, but also taking care of herself. I hope you find Danielle as inspiring as I do. You can find Danielle on Instagram @daniellewalker, or on her website, AgainstAllGrain.com.

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Healthier Together cover art by Zack. Healthier Together music by Alex Ruimy.

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