Episode 118

Get Over Your Ex, Let Go Of Life Timelines, And Actually Love Yourself with Claire Byrne

Never let heartbreak get in your way again.

My guest today is Claire Byrne, or Claire the Heartbreak Coach, a celebrity heartbreak coach who serves as Poosh’s resident expert. On this episode, she shares:

  • pragmatic steps to actually love yourself
  • how to move through feelings of hopelessness or unfairness around your ircumstances
  • how to let go of the pressure of life timelines
  • how to get over regret about bad choices in the past
  • how to draw boundaries with people in your life asking about your relationship status
  • the ideal level of contact to have with your ex
  • how to get closure (without needing anything from the other person)
  • how long to give yourself to grieve before moving on
  • how to not feel bad after being ghosted
  • how to get over dating app fatigue and despair
  • an actual exercise to let go of the one that got away
  • the best way to support a friend going through a breakup
  • how to know when to break up with someone
  • the worst things people do post break up
  • why having your heartbroken can be a good thing (yes, really!)

Claire has generously agreed to give away 5 copies of her amazing course. To enter, just follow @clairetheheartbreakcoach and @lizmoody on Instagram, and then comment one thing you loved or learned in the episode on any recent post.

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