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The next episode of our advice series, where every month, I’ll be joined by a new special guest. This month I’m so excited to welcome Robin Arzón to the podcast to answer your questions.

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The Health Effects of Alcohol: Gut Health & Cancer with Dr. Robynne Chutkan & Dr. William Li

Today’s episode is the first in our brand new sober curious series that will be happening over the next three weeks. This week we brought back two of our favorite past guests: board-certified integrative gastroenterologist Dr. Robynne Chutkan and internationally renowned Harvard-trained medical doctor and cancer researcher Dr. William Li. On this episode, we talk about: 

  • how long it takes for the effects of alcohol on the body to go away
  • the safest amount of alcohol to consume, according to research 
  • how alcohol impacts your microbiome and immune system
  • the reason you feel sad or anxious the day after drinking 
  • the best healthy foods to eat if you are going to drink alcohol 
  • how world-class doctors approach drinking in their own lives
  • if cannabis is a good swap for alcohol from a health perspective
  • the truth about the health benefits in red wine
  • the link between alcohol and cancer that you need to know about
  • how drinking can impact your future children
  • exactly why alcohol makes your skin and hair look worse
  • and so much more! 

We would LOVE to hear from you any thoughts, reactions, or takeaways you have as you’re listening, so definitely screenshot and tag me @lizmoody, Dr. Chutkan @gutbliss, and Dr. Li @drwilliamli on Instagram. 

Check out my previous episodes with Dr. Li — What to Eat For Longevity, Inflammation, Cancer Prevention, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, & More and Dr. Chutkan – Gut Health Secrets: The Truth About Leaky Gut, Viral Infections, Chronic Disease & Acid Reflux

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100 Ways To Change Your Life

The Science of Leveling Up Health, Happiness, Relationships & Success

100 Ways To Change Your Life takes the learnings gathered over thousands of hours of expert interviews and distills them into 100 distinct habits, shifts, and tools to revolutionize every part of your life.

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  1. Kathy D says:

    This is my first time listening to your podcast. I discovered your podcast from Dr . Li .
    I would like to learn more about how to regrow hair for menopause women. What foods or products to help grow hair.
    Thank you and I have really enjoyed this podcast.

    1. Liz Moody says:

      Hi Kathy and welcome to the Healthier Together fam! I’m so glad you’re here. For hair growth during menopause, I’d recommend checking out this post on the best hormone balancing recipes and especially check out the recipes that have healthy fats from avocado and nuts, protein from salmon, chicken, or legumes, and vitamins and antioxidants from cruciferous vegetables that support your natural collagen production.

      xo, Liz