Behold, the most delicious, science-backed hormone balancing recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! Here you’ll find a mix of my favorite hormone friendly recipes designed to help balance your system for better energy, sleep, digestion, anxiety, fertility, and stress. Plus, we get into the science behind exactly how these recipes are designed to support hormone balance, as discussed in my most listened to Healthier Together Podcast: Ask the Doctor episode with world-famous hormone expert, Dr. Aviva Romm.

hormone balancing lunches

Do you feel like you’re consistently lacking energy but can’t sleep well either? Are you experiencing weight gain, new skin conditions, bloating, low libido, anxiety or depression? These could be clues that your hormones are out of whack–and no amount of calorie counting is going to get them in check. Luckily, a proven way to balance your hormones is by using food as medicine. And great news, some of the most powerful hormone balancing foods might already be in your pantry!

It is CRAZY how much of what we eat impacts our hormones (aka our body’s natural blueprint for wellbeing). Yes, friend–your gut microbiome plays a HUGE part in it all! To dive into the specifics, like the individual foods that make the biggest difference in hormone health, listen to this Healthier Together Podcast episode with Dr. Aviva Romm. She answers your biggest questions, like:

  • what hormones are and why they matter for women
  • common signs of hormone imbalance
  • how to care for your hormones to boost energy
  • ways to support hormones to lessen anxiety
  • how hormones impact weight gain
  • steps to optimize fertility
  • natural remedies for PMS
  • and more!

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with hormone imbalance or just aren’t feeling right, these hormone balancing recipes inspired by my Ask the Doctor episode with Dr. Aviva Romm will equip you with smart eating choices from breakfast to dessert. Oh, and if you’re on your period and need some relief, check out my Period Survival Kit with all of my wellness essentials to get through this time of the month!

All of the recipes below are refined sugar free, and you can follow this key to make picking diet-friendly recipes easy!

GF = Gluten Free

DF = Dairy Free

V = Vegan

VT = Vegetarian

breakfasts for hormone balancing


What makes the best breakfasts for hormone balancing? Fiber, Omega-3, protein and whole grains! Basically, aim for a breakfast recipe that’s blood sugar balancing. And before you enjoy your hormone balancing breakfast, drink this Cinnamon Apple Cider Gut Tonic which is proven to improve the gut microbiome and help regulate hormone levels.

Strawberry Blueberry Crisp with Vanilla Oat Crumble GF, V option

Starbucks Pink Drink Green Smoothie GF, V

Pecan Coffee Cake Overnight Oats GF, V

White Chocolate Raspberry Overnight Oats GF, V

Rosemary Sweet Potato Breakfast Burritos GF option

The Best Effing Breakfast Sandwich DF

Sweet and Spicy Thai Satay Freezer Burritos V, GF option

Falafel Spiced Freezer Burritos V, GF option

Sweet Potato Black Bean Burritos V, GF option

Curry Spiced Cauliflower Chickpea Freezer Burritos V, GF option

Pizza Freezer Burritos DF, VT, GF option

Pesto Freezer Burritos DF, VT, GF option

best dinners for hormone balance

Lunch & Dinner

For hormone balancing lunches and dinners, macro bowls are a great way to get get in the nutrients that keep our bodies’ production of chemicals flowing smoothly. For PMS symptoms, Dr. Aviva Romm specifically recommends eating more whole grains about five days before your cycle because that’s when a natural serotonin drop happens! Also, you want to make sure you’re eating lean proteins and healthy fats, which are the building blocks of all hormones, and probiotics, which help restore the gut microbiome!

Copycat Sweetgreen Crispy Rice Salad GF, DF

Soba Noodle Mason Jars GF, V

Caramelized Onion Apple Pecan Salad VT, DF

Greek Style Lemony Chicken and Rice Soup GF, DF

Hot Girl Summer Salad VT, DF

Roasted Date and Crispy Chickpea Salad GF, VT, DF

Elote Corn Chickpea Bowl V, GF

Pomegranate Moroccan Mint Grain Bowl V, GF

Chopped Chicken Salad with Peanut Dressing GF, DF

Crispy Chickpea and Chicken Paella GF, DF

Roasted Garlic and Red Pepper Protein Pasta V, GF option

Sun Dried Tomato Protein Pasta V, GF option

desserts for hormone balance


Beyond making sure a hormone balancing recipes for dessert includes protein, fat, and fiber, the easiest hack is to skip the refined sugar and processed ingredients which cause inflammation and disrupt your hormones. Luckily, it’s super easy to make delicious healthy desserts from scratch that tick these boxes and are so easy to make.

Healthy Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia Smoats GF, V

Healthy Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey Smoothie GF, V

Fudgy Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches GF, V option

Birthday Cake Batter Milkshake GF, V option

Sugar Cookie Dough Bites GF, V

Birthday Cake Freezer Fudge GF, V

Pecan Cinnamon Roll Dough Bites GF, V

Glucose Friendly Cookies and Cream Cookie Dough Bites GF, V

Healthy Starbucks Coffee Cake GF, V

Gooey Chocolate Lava Cookies GF, V

If you make any of these hormone balancing recipes, tag me on Instagram (@lizmoody)! I can’t wait to see your creations!