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How Are Millennials And Gen Z Already Having A Midlife Crisis? (Why They’re So Burnt Out + How To Deal)

Clinical psychologist and author Dr. Lauren Cook discusses the unique stressors facing millennials and Gen Z, how to navigate a society lead by Baby Boomers, and practices to decrease anxiety and burnout and avoid the millennial midlife crisis.

  • If life truly is harder for millennials and Gen Z-er’s than older generations
  • How the parenting styles that were popular when we were kids are impacting us as adults 
  • How the increase in mass shootings has impacted our sense of hypervigilance in a real way (and what we can do to feel safe)
  • What to do when it feels like politicians don’t represent your values
  • How to not feel depressed when the milestones of previous generations—like buying a house, supporting a family on a single income—aren’t available to us
  • How to cope with real financial concerns 
  • How to deal with anger at older generations 
  • How to deal with the insecurity of mass layoffs and unstable jobs
  • The good and bad ways social media is impacting younger generations 
  • The true lasting impacts of the pandemic on our mental health & how you can begin to overcome them
  • How climate change is impacting our mental health and decisions and how to deal 
  • And so much more

For more from Dr. Cook, you can find her on Instagram @dr.laurencook or You can find her book, Generation Anxiety: A Millennial and Gen Z Guide to Staying Afloat in an Uncertain World, where books are sold.

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