Episode 130

Herbalist Secrets for Better Periods, Sustained Energy, Healthy Hair, Lessened Anxiety & More with Organic Olivia

Plus how to move through grief, a one week plan to beat burnout, and how to identify the root cause of imbalances.

I’m so excited to welcome my friend Olivia Amitrano to the podcast. Olivia, whom you might know as Organic Olivia, is an herbalist, entrepreneur, and writer whose mission is to bridge the gap between the gifts of Western medicine and the wisdom of traditional herbalism. She completed a clinical herbal program at Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism in New York and later launched her wildly successful brand, Organic Olivia. Olivia also has a podcast called What’s The Juice where she shares even more about herbal medicine, learning, growing, and healing. On this episode, we talk about:

  • how being CEO of your family will change your life
  • game-changing hair health & growth hacks
  • her best hacks for managing stress in a busy life
  • pragmatic tips for dealing with grief
  • caffeine-free ways to boost energy
  • what Traditional Chinese Medicine is and how exactly it works
  • the connection between hormone and gut issues
  • a TCM plan for treating the root cause of a lot of gut issues
  • the daily drink that will transform your overall health
  • how to follow a TCM circadian clock to maximize your energy
  • the one change that will make your periods WAY more comfortable
  • a one week plan to address burnout
  • the surprising change that eliminates sugar cravings
  • super tactical advice for starting and growing a business
  • what microbiome modulating herbs are, and how to use them to transform your gut health

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To hear more from Olivia, you can find her amazing podcast, What’s The Juice, here! And if you want to hear my episode, you can find that here!

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