Episode 15

Lucie Fink On How To Get Your Dream Career, Behind The Scenes Of The Social Media World, And SPECIFIC Tips To Find A Mentor

Lucie Fink On How To Get Your Dream Career, Behind The Scenes Of The Social Media World, And SPECIFIC Tips To Find A Mentor

Lucie Fink (@luciebfink) is the living, breathing embodiment of creating your dream life. The mega-popular host of Refinery29’s Try Living With Lucie series also has her own popular YouTube channel and a bright, colorful Instagram account with hundreds of thousands of followers. None of this was just handed to her, though—Lucie has been hustling since she was young, creating and producing video content long before she was paid for it.

In this episode, she breaks down specific actionable tips for getting your dream career (no matter what it is). We also get into the nitty gritty of growing your Instagram, including how often to post, what type of content does well, and how to edit photos—even if you’re not an influencer or an aspiring one, seeing the behind the scenes of what goes into influencer life is absolutely fascinating. Lucie shares how she got her dream job at Refinery29, and then we get into mentorship, including a crazy story about Matt Lauer that you won’t want to miss.

We also touch on Lucie’s own health journey—she had her gallbladder removed (and the reason why is connected to birth control, which is fascinating) and is a huge advocate for Ayurveda and other practices.

This is a great episode if you have a dream and want to make it real, or if you just want to be inspired by Lucie’s wisdom and infectious joy.


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