Episode 39

Morning/Evening Routines of Shut The Kale Up, Kale Junkie, Minimalist Baker, Rachael’s Good Eats, and The Cutting Veg (Part 1)

Morning/Evening Routines of Shut The Kale Up, Kale Junkie, Minimalist Baker, Rachael’s Good Eats, and The Cutting Veg (Part 1)

Welcome to our first morning/evening routine episode! We shake things up a bit in this episode by going inside the morning and evening routines of some of the wellness world’s biggest celebrities. You can listen and just enjoy a sneak peek, or steal some of their genius ideas to try at home! This week, Part 1, includes:

The Morning & Evening Routine Episode is here! Peek inside the routine’s of wellness world superstars, including:

  • Minimalist Baker on How To Start A Journaling Practice, Dry Fasting, and Simplifying Down To Essentials
  • Kale Junkie on How The Pandemic Impacts Eating Disorder Recovery & Finding Time For Your Partner While Full-Time Parenting
  • Rachael’s Good Eats on Motivating Yourself To Workout, Skincare Secrets, And Structuring a Productive Day
  • The Cutting Veg – The Best Online Workouts, A Genius Tidying Up Secret, & Making Time For Healthy Meals
  • Shut the Kale Up on Being Gentle With Yourself As A Mom and Human & Finding Strength Through Struggle

Stay tuned for Part 2, with five more power women of the wellness world!

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Healthier Together cover art by Zack. Healthier Together music by Alex Ruimy.

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