Episode 54

The Third Morning/Evening Routine Episode With My New Roots, Janea Brown, Chrissy King & Choosing Chelsea

The Third Morning/Evening Routine Episode With My New Roots, Janea Brown, Chrissy King & Choosing Chelsea

Welcome to our third morning/evening routine episode! In these episodes, we shake things up a bit in this episode by going inside the morning and evening routines of some of the wellness world’s biggest celebrities. You can listen and just enjoy a sneak peek, or steal some of their genius ideas to try at home! In Part One, I shared the routines of Minimalist Baker, Kale Junkie, Rachael’s Good Eats and The Cutting Veg. In Part Two, we dug into the routines of Kelly LeVeque, Laura Lea, Inspiralized, and What’s Gaby Cooking. This week includes:

  • Sarah Britton from My New Roots on free bleeding, vaginal steaming & her journey to balance her menstrual cycle—plus the coffee alternative to drinks for daily energy
  • Chrissy King on the daily practice that helps her deal with trauma and negativity & the three books that have changed her life
  • Jenea Brown on tricking herself to stay off her phone, plus three secrets to she uses to make her home calm, productive, and joyful
  • Chelsean Culbertson from Choosing Chelsea on the one thing that’s helped her change the way she thinks about her body & the reality of quarantine parenting

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Healthier Together cover art by Zack. Healthier Together music by Alex Ruimy.

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