Episode 13

Sahara Rose on Telling The Real From The BS With Ayurveda, Making Money Off Your Own Brand, And Manifesting Your Dreams

Sahara Rose on Telling The Real From The BS in Ayurveda, Making Money Off Your Brand, And Manifesting Your Dreams

Sahara Rose (@iamsahararose) is one of the world’s leading Ayurveda experts, but there’s so much more to her story than that. The daughter of immigrants, Sahara had to risk losing it all to find her life path—and while it was (obviously) eventually worth it, it wasn’t an easy journey. Now, Sahara is the best-selling author of The Idiot’s Guide to Ayurveda and Eat Feel Fresh (both of which have a forward from Deepak Chopra—a crazy story that she shares in this episode).

We sat down in Sahara’s gorgeous apartment to talk about how she followed her calling, even when her parents didn’t approve. We talk about the health crises that lead her to Ayurveda, including losing her period completely, and how Ayurveda helped her heal. I also make her answer all the nitty gritty questions I’ve ever had about the validity of Ayurveda—what’s worth applying to your life, what’s BS, and what should be tweaked a bit for the modern world. Sahara is a master female entrepreneur, so we also get into the nuts and bolts of building your own brand, including how she grew her following and what parts of her business really make her money.  Sahara is a mover and shaker who’s changing the world—and she’s so so open about everything from her personal life to her finances, which you all know I love.

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