Episode 136

Raw, Honest Tips For Upleveling Relationships: Get Your Needs Met, Ditch Toxic Patterns & Amp Up the Passion with The Angry Therapist

Plus why you should be scheduling sex, what to do if you hate your partner’s family, & how to handle different interests.

I’m excited to welcome John Kim, AKA The Angry Therapist, to the podcast. John is a licensed marriage and family therapist, best-selling author, podcast host, and creator who pulls back the curtain on his own life to share real relationship tips with the world. John has racked up over 750,000 followers on social media sharing his honest advice with the world, where he often uses situations with his own partner to share important lessons, and his newest book, It’s Not Me, It’s You, which he co-wrote with his partner Vanessa, shows the perspective of both sides of their relationship to analyze and untangle the common and frustrating barriers many individuals face on the road to a happy, loving, and rewarding partnership. On this episode, we talk about:

  • red and green flags to look for in relationship partners
  • exactly how to identify your toxic tendencies in a relationship 
  • the one thing that holds every relationship back + how to get past it 
  • how to identify your needs and what to do if your partner isn’t meeting them 
  • the first step to crushing feelings of resentment in your relationship 
  • exactly what to do to bring the passion back into a relationship 
  • why people pick toxic partners (and exactly how to stop)
  • step-by-step instructions for giving your partner uncomfortable feedback 
  • the thing you should be doing twice a day for a more satisfying relationship (it’s not sex!)
  • what to do if your partner doesn’t share the same interests or values as you
  • how to set boundaries with your partners’ family and friends 
  • and so much more 

We would LOVE to hear from you any thoughts, reactions, or takeaways you have as you’re listening, so definitely screenshot and tag me @lizmoody and John @theangrytherapist on Instagram. 

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