Episode 11

Eliminating Anxiety, The Health Benefits Of Masturbation & Touring With Rockstars With Realfoodology’s Courtney Swan

Eliminating Anxiety, The Health Benefits Of Masturbation & Touring With Rockstars With Realfoodology’s Courtney Swan

Courtney Swan (@realfoodology) has what appears to be a dream life: on Instagram, she’s constantly popping up in different awe-inspiring locations around the world as she tours with pop star Tove Lo. In this episode, she opens up about the secrets to her success and self-actualization, from what she wishes everyone knew about therapy to how she overcame her debilitating anxiety (I got her to share her exact supplement routine!). She also shares a few genius tricks she employed at the beginning of her career to become the successful integrative nutritionist/influencer/rock-and-roll manager/label-defying bad ass that she is today.

Courtney is an incredibly cool women—one of those women that empowers other women and actually roots for their success. We recorded this episode sitting on her couch in LA, and it quickly got very girl-talky.  We got into the crazy story of how her copper IUD made her incredibly sick, and veer from there into the health benefits of masturbation and the upsides of condoms. I love how frank and open Courtney is, and I hope you guys all feel like you were chilling with us in the California sun.

For more from Courtney, check out realfoodology.com.


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Healthier Together cover art by Zack.  Healthier Together music by Alex Ruimy.

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