I’ve been so so excited to share this with you guys for awhile – I’m officially a “Blogger Bride” for one of my absolute favorite sites, Style Me Pretty! Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing my process of throwing an awesome, food-centric, organic wedding (seriously, if Meghan Trainor is all about that bass, I’m all about those cakes.  And cocktails.  And wine.  Visions of our appetizers dance in my head).  We’re getting married this May at an organic farm (with goats!) in California’s wine country, and we’re mostly throwing away all the rules for what a wedding should or shouldn’t be and trying to figure out how to make it a giant love fest.  We want all of our guests to fall in love with each other; we want to stuff them with delicious food and get them tipsy; we want someone to fall asleep cuddling a goat. We want lawn games and dancing grandmas and giraffes regarding the last thing, please note that my father and fiance both inform me that, in the words of the wise Rolling Stones, you can’t always get what you want).


I couldn’t be more excited to share my process with Style Me Pretty, from creating the perfect signature cocktails to finding a farm-to-table caterer, to how to create a perfect bridal look with organic makeup and more.  Here’s a snippet of my first Style Me Pretty post:

Zack and I met when we were both still students at UC Berkeley. I saw him from across a crowded bar, and aided by the strength of a few glasses of wine, I found the courage to approach him. He somehow saw the charm beneath the Chardonnay and soon, we were inseparable. After a year and a half, we moved across the bay to San Francisco together.

In the almost eight years that we’ve been together, we’ve also lived in New York and London; we’ve traveled together to Sicily, St. Lucia, Colombia, Paris, Zurich, Berlin, Prague and many others. We’ve eschewed comfort and stability for crumbling apartments and getting lost in foreign locales, but whether I’m sitting next to a woman holding a live chicken in her lap on a bus in the Amazon or drinking Pimm’s Cups in the British summer sunshine, I’ve been so thankful to have him by my side. Having a partner that’s stable and solid and provides the comfort for having the rest of our lives be on the crazier, more spontaneous side.

 This past August, we went on a trip with two of our friends to Banff and Jasper National parks in Canada. We stayed in tents and little cabins where we did Chopped-style cooking competitions; we hiked to mountain-top tea houses and paddle-boarded on lakes so blue they seemed Photoshopped. And then, on a Wednesday framed by our two nicest hotel nights of the trip (meaning that I was not only well rested, but well showered – well played, sir!), he took me out on a canoe ride through Maligne Lake. The snow-capped mountains were overhead, the air smelled lightly of pine, and the sun was warm and lovely.

He rowed us over to a small private beach, where he got down on one knee and opened a box to reveal the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen. Little did I know, he’d been designing it with Mociun, my favorite Brooklyn jeweler, for over 7 months! We kissed and embraced (our friends, who were out on their own canoe, snapped an amazing Polaroid of us in the moment just after I said yes that I’ll cherish forever). That night, we celebrated with Champagne and a solid victory in our Chopped competition.

LZ94 LZ57We took these engagement photos in Point Lobos State Park, just south of Carmel on the California coast.  While I love the glamorous photos so many of my friends have done, we really wanted our shoot to feel like us – natural, a little messy, a lot of fun.  We goofed around on the rocks and made each other laugh when our photographers prompted us to gaze romantically at each other.  We’re so happy with how our photos, taken by the amazing Christian + Reinna (with an assist from their super fluffy, bow-tie wearing dog), turned out.  Check out a few below, and then head on over to Style Me Pretty for all of the details!


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