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Advice Ep! SSRIs, Friendship Breakups, Fear of Flying, And How To Know If They’re The One

This month’s advice episode features Carissa Stanton from Brocc Your Body, and we’re answering your anonymous questions!

  • How to know when to end an engagement or relationship
  • How to block out outside noise about your relationship & follow your own timelines
  • How to know when to make your passion your career 
  • The BEST advice for making new friends as an adult
  • How to manage a BFF breakup
  • Carissa’s anxiety journey & her recent experience weaning off of SSRIs after almost 15 years
  • Tools for managing anxiety
  • How to help fear of flying
  • And so much more!

For more from Carissa, you can find her on Instagram @broccyourbody or Seriously, So Good is available for pre-order now and will be available where books are sold on April 16th.

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