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How To Make Dating Fun Again—AND Meet The Love Of Your Life

Matthew Hussey, a world-renowned dating expert and coach, discusses the challenges of dating today and how you can face them to find love–whether that be IRL or on a dating app!

  • the secret to actually enjoying the process of dating (even when it sucks)
  • how much to control your dating life versus let go 
  • how to stop your standards from going out the window when you meet a new person
  • how to know the characteristics your ideal partner needs to have for a successful long term relationship 
  • tips for dating apps (to enjoy them more AND find more success)
  • what to do if you’re in your 30s, you want children, and you haven’t met the right person yet
  • how to heal from old relationship scars before they impact your new relationships
  • what to do when it feels like there are no high quality men
  • how to tell what are true red flags vs. nitpicking 
  • and so much more!

For more from Matthew, you can find him on Instagram @thematthewhussey or his website You can listen to the LOVE life Podcast on your platform of choice and pre-order Love Life, out on April 23rd, where books are sold.

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