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Why So Many Young People Are Getting Cancer + What You Can Do TODAY To Protect Yourself with Dr. Sanjay Juneja

Dr. Sanjay Juneja discusses rising cancer rates in adults under 50 and its potential causes, steps you can take to avoid and test for cancer, and more.

  • The 3 reasons why more young people are getting cancer
  • The best diet for cancer risk reduction
  • What foods and environmental exposures increase risk of cancer
  • The one thing to do for 4 minutes daily to reduce cancer risk by up to 25%
  • If things like microplastics, cellphones, tap water, and more are elevating your risk of cancer
  • An exact plan for what cancer tests to get at what age 
  • And so much more

For more from Dr. Juneja, you can find him on Instagram @theoncdoc, his website, and the Target: Cancer podcast.

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