Episode 131

Healthy Cooking Secrets: Save Money, Stress & Time Eating Well with Everything Delish and PlantBasedRD

Plus tips on changing careers, managing imposter syndrome, and going viral on social media.

I am so excited to welcome two of my friends, Catherine Perez and Jamie Milne, to the podcast. These two women are incredibly talented and knowledgeable creators online — you probably know them by @plantbasedrd and @everything_delish on social media, who have racked up thousands and thousands of followers by sharing their healthy eating secrets with the world. Catherine is a registered dietitian nutritionist who uses her platform to share nutrition tips, plant-based recipes, and health advice, and Jamie is a teacher turned recipe creator who has created tons of viral recipes that not only look great, but are great for you. On this episode, we talk about:

  • when you should see an RD and exactly what an RD can help with
  • the best quick weeknight dinner ideas
  • spices that will uplevel the flavor and health benefits of your cooking
  • a genius hack for adding plant-based protein and creaminess to stovetop recipes
  • a simple trick for making sure healthy foods are actually getting into your diet
  • easy ways to add protein on a plant-based diet
  • one easy thing you can start doing today to make your diet healthier
  • tips for managing imposter syndrome and anxiety as a creator
  • hacks for going viral and how to beat the algorithm
  • the best ways to save money on healthy food
  • actionable steps you can take today to start growing a social media account

We would LOVE to hear from you any thoughts, reactions, or takeaways you have as you’re listening, so definitely screenshot and tag me @lizmoody, Catherine @plantbasedrd, and Jamie @everything_delish on Instagram.

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