Episode 123

How To Be Happier At Work: Burn Out, Knowing When You Need To Make a Big Change, Beating the Sunday Scaries & More with Amina AlTai

Plus the secret to crafting a killer resume, setting better boundaries with your boss, and so much more.

My guest today is Amina AITai, a  leading business and career coach. Amina is an Entrepreneur Magazine expert- in-residence and has been featured in Goop, Well+Good, New York Post, Yahoo, NBC, and more. She’s helped leaders at Slack, Snapchat, Refinery29, The United Nations, The New York Times, The Gap and more achieve a career that feels good and functions better, and I’m SO excited about all of the wisdom and insight she shares in this episode. We talked about:

  • if your job should be your passion
  • the one question to ask yourself to know if you should start your own business
  • how to know what your gifts are
  • how to figure out what impact you want to have in the world (and what impact is possible)
  • an exact equation to figure out if you should switch jobs or careers
  • the 4 causes of burn out and how to specifically address each one
  • a science-based script for setting better boundaries with your boss
  • the core wound often at the base of ambition
  • what to do if you hate your boss or coworkers
  • what to do if you hate your job but you don’t feel like you have the skills to get another job
  • the best resume tip to get your dream job
  • a plan for if you feel underpaid or undervalued
  • time management skills to feel better and get more done
  • how to beat the Sunday scaries
  • how to do an at-home silent retreat
  • how to combat the stress of always on culture

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