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This Episode Will Transform How You Feel About Your Body with Lindsay Kite, PhD

Lindsay Kite, PhD discusses how to build a more resilient body image to become more comfortable with your body, how media objectifies women’s bodies, how to healthily engage with aesthetics like botox, hair dye, and makeup, and more.

  • how to balance the positive reinforcement you get for losing weight or looking a certain way with not wanting to focus on looks
  • concrete action steps for becoming more comfortable with your body
  • media literacy secrets to recognize the secret messages infiltrating your brain
  • an intermittent media fasting prescription that will change your life 
  • critical steps to make sure kids view beauty and objectification differently 
  • the insidious campaign that made women view cellulite as a problem 
  • how to view aesthetic modification like Botox, hair dye, makeup, and plastic surgery 
  • how to set wellness goals that aren’t connected to body image
  • pragmatic action steps to find self-value OUTSIDE of how you look
  • a game plan for tricky moments including: feeling self-conscious during sex, trying on clothes that don’t fit or don’t look good, when you go out with a friend who’s getting all the attention, and more
  • how to navigate the postpartum period 
  • how to actually stop comparing yourself to other people
  • a script for telling others to stop talking about your body–even when they think they’re complimenting you
  • and so much more!

For more from Lindsay, visit Beauty Redefined on Instagram @beauty_redefined or Beauty Redefined’s website Lindsay and Lexie Kite’s book, More Than A Body: Your Body Is an Instrument, Not an Ornament is available for purchase as well as the newly released companion Official Workbook for More Than a Body: Daily Practices for Building Body Image Resilience in a Looks-Obsessed World.

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Formerly the Healthier Together Podcast.

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