Episode 107

Busting Myths About Aging: Live Longer and Feel Better with Dr. Becca Levy

This episode will make you feel COMPLETELY different about getting older.

My guest today is Dr. Becca Levy, whom Adam Grant calls “the world’s foremost expert on the psychology of aging.” She’s a Professor of Epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health and Professor of Psychology at Yale University, and has authored pathfinding studies have changed the way we think about aging and received numerous awards. Her new book, Breaking the Age Code: How Your Beliefs About Aging Determine How Long and Well You Live, is available for pre-order now—it comes out on April 12 and will be available wherever books are sold!

  • how your beliefs about aging can literally negatively impact cortisol and inflammation levels
  • the single shift that can dramatically impact the genes that impact the expression of Alzheimer’s and dementia (even if you have the “riskier genes”)
  • 3 tangible ways you can improve your beliefs around aging
  • why the idea that memory gets worse as you get older is a myth (plus, simple ways to improve your memory!)
  • how to change your beliefs around aging and your body even if you’re experiencing health problems or society is bombarding you with negative messaging
  • the core reason WHY we have so many anti-aging beliefs (the answer will surprise you!)
  • how different cultures around the world approach aging
  • things that get better as you age, according to science

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