100 Ways To Change Your Life

The Science of Leveling Up Health, Happiness, Relationships & Success

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Solo episode! I share 5 proven strategies for getting out of a slump that I use whenever I find myself falling into one, plus I answer YOUR questions about motivation, energy, discipline, and more.

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How To Hack Your Circadian Rhythm To Increase Energy, Sleep Better, Improve Gut Health, Fight Jet Lag & More With Dr. Russell Foster

Circadian neuroscientist tips for supporting a healthy circadian rhythm and dropping the habits that could be causing insufficient sleep, low energy, & chronic disease.

  • what a circadian rhythm is and how it impacts our biology, our  mental health, our relationships and more
  • what the three chronotypes are & how to know which one you are
  • how our chronotype changes as we age + why teenagers struggle with early wake ups
  • how to change your body clock to fit your schedule 
  • how hormones + the menstrual cycle impact our circadian rhythm
  • a simple way to hack your ability to wake up or fall asleep
  • why you might wake up in the middle of the night + what to do about it 
  • what the research actually says about blue light blocking glasses 
  • how to hack your circadian rhythm to fight jet lag
  • a genius way to feel more awake during the day
  • the best sleep & circadian rhythm support tips for new parents + night shift workers 
  • the best times to eat, workout, take supplements & medicine, and more during the day
  • and so much more!  

For more from Dr. Foster, check out his book Life Time: The New Science of the Body Clock, and How It Can Revolutionize Your Sleep and Health and his work at the University of Oxford

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100 Ways To Change Your Life

The Science of Leveling Up Health, Happiness, Relationships & Success

100 Ways To Change Your Life takes the learnings gathered over thousands of hours of expert interviews and distills them into 100 distinct habits, shifts, and tools to revolutionize every part of your life.

With fun, easy steps and a deep grounding in the latest science, you’ll be armed with everything you need to achieve your dream life, from your gut health to your finances to your friendships and beyond.

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