Healthy 30 Minute Meals that are Perfect for Weeknights

Tasty and healthy 30 minute meals to make dinner easy this week whether you’re gluten free, dairy free, vegan, or plant based! These easy, healthy recipes are also perfect for not-boring meal prep ideas, for busy weeknights, and lazy days!

healthy couscous salad

I’m a firm believer that making healthy food that tastes delicious shouldn’t require a lot of effort or cleaning. In my cookbook, there’s a whole chapter devoted to it called “Quick and Easy Meals”. I’ve even created a 4 Meals 1 Prep series and an assortment of freezer burritos to help make healthy eating as easy as possible. Meet your new favorite healthy weeknight dinners that double as gluten free dairy free meal prep ideas. The recipes in this round-up will be on the table in 30 minutes or less!

Every recipe I listed below is loaded with nutritious, veggies, plant based protein, fiber and healthy fats to keep your blood sugar stable every day. And if you’re wondering how keeping your glucose curves flat will help with hormone balance, weight loss, energy, and glowing skin, listen to this episode of The Healthier Together Podcast! These recipes are fast, easy, and flavorful. They’re also flexible to your dietary needs. You’ll find plenty of plant based recipes here that use chickpeas instead of animal protein for vegans and almond flour tortillas in place of flour tortillas for gluten free folks.

These healthy 30 minute meals serve two, so feel free to double them for your whole family or for a healthy make-ahead lunch!

  1. 15 Minute Lemon Kale Pasta (V, GF)
15 minute lemon kale pasta

2. 15 Minute Elote Corn and Chickpea Bowl (V, GF)

15 minute elote corn bowl

3. Vegan Taco Salad (V, GF)

4. 3-Ingredient Broccoli Alfredo (V, GF)

healthy broccoli alfredo

5. 5 Minute Enchilada Tortilla Pizza (GF + V optional)

enchilada tortilla pizza
6. Healthy Drunken Noodles (GF, V)
healthy drunken noodles

7. Roasted Date and Crispy Chickpea Salad with Tahini Orange Dressing (GF, DF)

8. Creamy Rosemary Potato Apple Chowder (GF, V)

healthy chowder

9. Better Than Panera Broccoli Cheddar Soup (V, GF)

healthy copycat panera broccoli soup

10. Healthy Chicken Lettuce Wraps (GF, V option)

healthy chicken lettuce wraps

11. Sun Dried Tomato Protein Pasta (GF, V)

easy healthy pasta recipe
12. Soba Noodle Make Ahead Lunch (GF, V)

13. Garlicky Couscous Salad (V)

14. Spring Basil Alfredo Pasta (GF, V)

15. Thai Buddha Bowls (GF, V)

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