Introducing my period survival kit: an assemblage of my favorite ways to relieve period cramps naturally. These little tweaks and tips help take mildly annoying period symptoms and make them more comfortable. I’m sharing everything I personally use when I’m on my period, from supplements to heating pads to my doctor-approved hormone balancing recipes that I think make this time of the month SO much better.

If you have wildly painful periods, that’s definitely something worth talking about with a doctor. The Ask the Doctor: Hormone Edition AND the Hormone Q&A episodes of the Healthier Together Podcast both have so much information about what especially long, short, or painful periods might mean and what tests to ask your doctor for. If you’re looking for a functional doctor in your state, check out my Functional Doctor Directory with recommendations from our very own Healthier Together community!

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I didn’t know how much of our period woes we actually had control of relieving until Dr. Aviva Romm came on my podcast. You’ve probably heard me obsess over Aviva plenty of times on Instagram because she’s my absolute FAVORITE hormone expert. She’s a Yale-trained, board-certified family physician with a specialty in women’s health and obstetrics, a certified professional midwife, and an herbalist. She’s also been called “the face of natural medicine in the 21st century” by Prevention Magazine. Basically, she is exactly who we needed to hear from on the topic of menstruation.

If you’re like me, cramps and heightened anxiety during cycles have always been part of the deal. But did you know that it’s actually not normal for our bodies at this time of the month to be as uncomfortable as society says is ‘normal’? And much of it chalks up to our hormones being out of balance.

And this isn’t just about relieving period cramps! Hormones are something a lot of people neglect to think about when they’re dealing with skin, mood, sleep, energy, weight, and even sex drive issues. In my Hormone Q&A podcast episode with Dr. Romm, we cover every possible hormone-related question I could possibly think of, plus the ones you all sent in on Instagram!

I recommend starting with my Ask the Doctor: Hormones Edition with Dr. Romm first to have a good understandings of the hormone basics and how to balance them naturally.

Below you’ll find a list of my favorite ways to relieve period cramps naturally, inspired by science-backed conversations with my favorite, world-famous hormone expert. I hope you find this list and the podcast episodes helpful!

  1. UTK’s Far Infrared Heating Pad: I found this gem on Amazon and it works wonders for period cramps. I love that it’s made from jade and tourmaline which emits negative ions. I highly recommend!
  2. Pure Encapsulations Magnesium Glycinate: if your anxiety levels rise during this time of the month, you’re going to want these. It help with cramps AND helps with mental calmness. Zack can confirm.
  3. Whole grains for serotonin: when Dr. Aviva Romm was on the pod, she explained that painful periods can be due to a natural serotonin drop that happens at this point in our cycle. To boost serotonin levels naturally, she recommends eating whole grains about five days before your period! May I recommend this caramelized onion apple farro salad? This farro is my favorite!
  4. Cymbiotika Vitamin B: Dr. Romm also suggests using Vitamin B five days before your period for cellular health and preventing PMS symptoms. I love Cymbiotika’s Vitamin B because it contains the two most bioactive forms of Vitamin B, and you just pump it onto a spoon and enjoy it (it tastes so good!) or mix it into your favorite drink. Use code LIZM for 15% off here!
  5. Period Company Underwear: I discovered period underwear years ago because my body hates tampons, and I’ve never looked back. I found that tampons make my period cramps so much worse, and the period underwear by Period Company are just so comfortable and come in so many cute styles. I’m obsessed!
  6. See’s Chocolate: See’s makes the world’s best chocolate that literally soothes my soul during this time of the month. It’s said that dark chocolate is richer in magnesium which can help relieve period cramps. But I’d me remiss not to mention the truffles with caramel-y centers, berries covered in chocolate, and there’s even dairy free and egg free options that you can get shipped right to your house!
  7. My Period Relief Smoothie: I made this recipe because it tastes like just the treat you want while you’re on your period, AND it’s packed with healthy ingredients that are rich in iron, Vitamin K, magnesium, fiber, and phytonutrients to relieve period poops and cramps, keep you calm, boost your happiness hormones, and even help your skin glow so you feel beautiful and radiant! It’s available as part of my Green Smoothie Society.
  8. Long walks: Usually, my morning routine ALWAYS consists of a session with Sculpt Society before I start my day. It’s one of my favorite ways to work out. I even had the founder, Megan Roup, on the pod! When I’m on my period, though, my body tends to favor long walks and low key exercise.
  9. Traditional Medicinals Red Raspberry Leaf Tea: This delicious tea has been used for healthy periods and relief from cramps for thousands of years. I love Traditional Medicinals because they use tea leaves that are grown in the wild in Bosnia and Herzegovina and picked by hand.
  10. Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket: When our cat, Bella, isn’t down to cuddle, I always have to have my Barefoot Dreams blanket to snuggle up in. It’s the softest blanket I’ve ever felt, and I’m obsessed with the “In the Wild” print. It just makes lounging around feel so much more luxurious–I highly recommend!

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What are your favorite tips, tricks, or things to make your period more pleasant? Share in the comments so we can all help each other!

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  1. Nazanin Avatar

    There I,ve found a very good relief of period pain is to catch a luke warm water shower.

    1. Liz Moody Avatar
      Liz Moody

      Hey Nazanin,

      Thank you for sharing! That sounds delightful.

      xo, Liz

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