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Secrets To Optimal Health: An MD’s Exact Plan For Inflammation, Supplements, Exercise, & Knowing What ACTUALLY Works

Dr. Darshan Shah, founder of Next Health, breaks down exactly how to optimize your health plus which wellness trends are worth it & which you should skip.

  • the one principle that will change how you approach your health
  • the tests EVERYONE should be asking their doctor for for optimal health
  • the health treatments rich people and celebrities are using to live longer and better (and how you can get the same benefits without their resources and access)
  • the impact of cold plunging, saunas, intermittent fasting, and more on women’s hormones 
  • how to know if you have systemic inflammation + exactly what to do about it 
  • an exact weekly workout plan for optimal health
  • the science behind trends like lymphatic massages, coffee enemas, red light therapy, and more
  • a doctor’s secrets for having way more energy
  • how to know what supplements are worth taking
  • how he got rid of his long COVID
  • how worried we should be about EMFs
  • and so much more!

For more from Dr. Shah, you can find him on Instagram at @darshanshahmd or You can find Next Health on Instagram at @next_health or

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