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The REAL Science of Eating Well: Cutting Through Social Media Confusion To Find YOUR Best Diet

Michelle Shapiro, RD, discusses how to best nourish and create the healthiest diet for your body and learn how to assess the overload of nutrition information on social media.

  • What we’re paying too much attention to when it comes to our diet, and what we’re not paying enough attention to
  • The best way to think about calories
  • Exactly what to eat for more energy, ideal metabolic health, lessened anxiety, better gut health, and more
  • How to know what to trust in the confusing world of social media nutrition
  • How worried you should be about glyphosate, Diet Coke, artificial dyes, artificial flavors, aspartame and more
  • The one thing NO one is talking about when it comes to seed oils
  • Why elimination diets are doing more harm than good
  • A functional RD’s secret to figuring out the root of YOUR health problems
  • The one trend you should NOT do if you have a history of trauma
  • A trick to get rid of bloat
  • How much protein you should REALLY be eating
  • And so much more

For more from Michelle, you can find her on Instagram at @michelleshapirord or her website, You can find her podcast Quiet The Diet wherever you listen to podcasts.

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