Episode 133

How To Have More Fun: Hidden Health Benefits, Becoming A Fun Magnet, & Phone Breakup Tips With Catherine Price

Plus low hanging fun fruit, finding fun friends, what to do if you have no time for fun, and so much more.

I am so excited to welcome Catherine Price as today’s guest on the podcast. Catherine is a speaker, consultant, and award-winning science journalist whose articles and essays have been featured in The New York Times, Oprah Magazine, The Best American Science Writing, and more. She’s the author of several books, including The Power of Fun: How To Feel Alive Again and How to Break Up With Your Phone. Catherine is also the founder of ScreenLifeBalance.com, a resource hub dedicated to helping people create more intentional relationships with technology and reconnect with what really matters to them in life. Her TED Talk, Why Having Fun Is The Secret To A Healthier Life, highlights her research on fun and has been viewed over one million times. On this episode we talk about:

  • the physical health benefits of having fun
  • the negative impacts of loneliness on a cellular level (and exactly how to combat them)
  • the biggest impediments to fun and how to avoid them
  • why our phones are so addictive and the number one way to break that addiction
  • low hanging fruit for having fun
  • what to do if you don’t know how to have fun or what’s fun for you
  • what to do if you don’t think you have time to prioritize fun right now
  • how to start a delights practice to bring more joy and connection to your life
  • the 3 components of “true fun”
  • the number one thing everyone does that’s limiting our enjoyment
  • how exactly our dopamine triggers can hurt us & how to beat it
  • how to deal with “fun-killers” in your circle and find actually fun friends
  • a key mindset shift to adopt to become a fun magnet
  • the role of alcohol in having fun

We would LOVE to hear from you any thoughts, reactions, or takeaways you have as you’re listening, so definitely screenshot and tag me @lizmoody and Catherine @_catherineprice on Instagram. Visit www.screenlifebalance.com to sign up for Catherine’s newsletter and check out her courses and TED Talk.

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